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With IEL and TriumphPay, you have complete control over how and when you're paid.

As an industry leader, Integrity Express Logistics understands the pressures carriers face every day. That’s why IEL has partnered with TriumphPay, one of the leading payment processing platforms in the logistics industry, to provide carriers with more options to get paid easier and faster.

Carrier Approval

TriumphPay provides you with flexible payment options. You choose how you want to get paid, when you want to get paid.

Manage Invoices

The freedom of knowing how and when you’re paid is as important to us as it is to you.

Fast and Easy

IEL knows the sooner you get paid, the quicker you can get back on the road. We offer solutions like QuickPay that get you paid faster than ever.

Everything In One Place

TriumphPay makes your life easier! Enter your payment information one time and use for all Integrity Express Logistics payments.

Set up your profile today to select your payment method and begin receiving payments through TriumphPay.

Important Updates For Carriers

Triumph Pay will be the new source for many carriers’ receivables from Integrity Express Logistics.

  • Each carrier that services multiple customers will have different relationships with their receivables (which may include various terms).
  • Carriers may interact with multiple IEL entities; entities will be separate in TriumphPay.
  • Carriers will be able to elect to 2-day QuickPay invoices based on customer relationships.
  • The current IEL carrier portal will still be used to manage loads (i.e., update statuses, provide documentation, and submit invoices); only once an invoice is approved will it be sourced to TriumphPay.
  • Carriers will only receive payment for an invoice through TriumphPay once all documentation has been submitted and approved through the IEL portal.
  • Payment terms are initiated when an invoice is entered into the carrier portal and when IEL approves your invoice in IEL’s system.

For further assistance contact our Carrier Relations team at CarrierRelations@ielfreight.com

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