Driving Change: Women Making an Impact in the Transportation Industry


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In the transportation industry, women make up around 8% of professional truck drivers — an all-time high. But despite the small number of women who have taken up jobs within the field, women drivers are still impacting the future of transportation.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are reconsidering their employment and tackling new career paths. The trucking industry in recent years has seen a dramatic increase in interest after coming off a shortage of drivers.

Women are changing the transportation landscape, as the industry is being transformed by women at many different levels. Whether it’s in the driver’s seat or within a board room, women are taking on an active role in making this a lucrative and rewarding industry for many people.

The Transportation Industry: Women in Different Roles

It’s not just behind the wheel that women are having a big influence on the future of transportation. Women are filling positions as technicians, advisors, and executives at various companies. The opportunities in various fields have exploded exponentially.  

This is helpful to different sectors of the industry looking to find solutions to many challenges. It makes the work more gratifying for everyone and more appealing for others to join it.

According to the American Trucking Association, around 4% of all diesel technicians are women. Despite that small number, it represents the growing desire to include women in every part of the trucking industry.

A program launched in 2022, Women in Motion, aims to promote women for positions within the field. It puts a spotlight on the women making waves in our industry and shows why women are critical to the success of the transportation industry.

Why Are Women Truckers in High Demand Now?

Following the global pandemic in 2020, demand for experienced truck drivers went up. Trucking continues to be a major part of the American economy, opening up more opportunities for job security in the current climate.

Drivers help ensure that the products and supplies people need get to where they need to be. This was especially vital when most people were confined to their homes during the pandemic.

As the demand for more drivers continues to increase, there have been more women taking up roles as drivers. An already-diverse industry became moreso.

Many companies are looking to hire more women behind the wheel of their trucks. According to a study by the Women in Trucking Association, about 8% of all truck drivers in the United States are women — a 2% increase from pre-pandemic levels. There’s a good chance you’ll notice more women truck drivers in your community.

The majority of trucking companies are equal opportunity employers and seek out different people to hire. This makes the job very appealing for women looking for work in the current climate.

Additionally, many women drivers feel they can earn more money within the trucking industry than in other fields. Other women have brought up the benefits of the job, including a better work environment. This addresses a real concern of issues like gender discrimination in the workplace.

Addressing the Gender Gap for Female Truck Drivers

For a long time, decisions made within the transportation industry often ignored issues like fair access. Male-dominated companies were slow to factor in gender considerations.

Some of these challenges, and underrepresentation, resulted from several key factors. This includes the lack of on the job training for women, the absence of social circles where women can grow together, and many policies that often restrict or discourage women from the job.

But progress to address these issues is happening.

As more women join the workforce at transportation companies within management or leadership positions, change will continue to take shape. Women in these positions offer new perspectives and a more complete view of the industry.

This has become even more important in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world returns to normal, transportation in many areas will continue to need their unique view of the world. It will only further the development of better solutions for the industry.

Women in Transportation Making a Difference

As more women continue to seek careers in the transportation industry, more influence towards positivity will shape the future of transportation.

Women are taking the wheel and moving forward in the transportation industry at a monumental rate, paving the way for a brighter future ahead.

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