Insufficient Supply of White Grapes

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White grape sales are currently running smoothly. "There is even insufficient supply on the market. The supply from Chile, as well as India, actually goes out as soon as it arrives," says Jan Marc Schulz of SFI Rotterdam.

The bottleneck lies with red grapes. "In recent weeks, we have had to deal with a surplus from Peru on the market. Fortunately, the market for red grapes is slowing drawing to a close. That spells hope for the late season."

"Peru sold very little to the US around the New Year. They, therefore, sent almost their entire volume to Europe. This means that there is a lot of old stock on the market. In contrast, the sales of red Chilean grapes has not even started," explains Jan Marc.

"I wonder if large volumes will come our way from Chile. Considering the real-time market situation, they will probably focus on the United States and Asia. However, here at SFI, we will be able to fulfill our programs."

SFI received the first Chilean grapes in week 6 already. Stone fruit from that country has also already been underway for a while. "The weather conditions were very good. This resulted in good quality plums and nectarines.

"The large-sized nectarines, in particular, have quickly been sold. The sales of the smaller sizes are slightly more difficult. There are, therefore, certainly some nice promotions that can be arranged," continues the importer.

SFI will still receive blueberries from Chile for the entire month of March. "There is some supply from Spain and Morocco on the market. However, they started with high prices and barely have any volumes to offer."

"The Chilean berries' prices were very low in weeks 7 and 8. Since then, we are back on an acceptable level. We are, however, a long way off a good level," concludes Jan Marc.

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