Connecting International Freight to Your Domestic Supply Chain

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Drayage Shipping

In the complexity of a global supply chain, the seamless connection between international and domestic transportation is crucial. With the current congestion at ports and the potential for disruptions causing costly delays, having a provider that efficiently moves your freight from the ship, out of the port, and onward is paramount.

We specialize in all aspects of freight drayage and offer access to a vast nationwide pool of containers. Our commitment is to link you with carriers providing exceptional service, ensuring a smooth transition for your shipments.

  • Transport containerized freight from a port directly to your facility or to an intermodal ramp.
  • Efficiently transload containerized international freight, preparing it for domestic intermodal or over-the-road transportation.
  • Shuttle containers from the port to an alternative yard, providing a storage solution until pickup.
  • Manage the movement of containerized freight from your facility to a port, facilitating the export process.
  • Streamline logistics by transporting empty containers to the port for overseas return.
  • Integrate container drayage seamlessly with intermodal or over-the-road transportation solutions, offering a comprehensive and flexible approach to meet your shipping needs.

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Drayage Services

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